Second Review of Scottish Parliament Boundaries - Revised Proposals

Closed 15 May 2024

Opened 16 Apr 2024


Why is this happening?
The population of different areas changes over time, but it's important that each MSP is elected by roughly the same number of people. To keep things fair, the boundaries have to be moved from time to time to reflect these changes.

What might happen - and what won't
If the Review recommends changes in your area, your constituency may get bigger or smaller. You may even find you're voting in a new or different constituency, even though you haven't moved house. Remember, this is different from your council area, and it will not directly affect your council tax, schools or local services. Nor will it affect your UK Parliament constituency.

What has happened so far in this Review
Boundaries Scotland consulted on provisional proposals for constituencies between May and June 2023. That consultation returned very useful feedback and suggested improvements to proposals in Edinburgh, Prestonpans, Kilmarnock, Clydebank, Johnstone and East Renfrewshire. As a result, we also held six local inquiries to gather further views on proposals in Musselburgh; Kilmarnock; Clydebank; Johnstone/ Newton Mearns; Edinburgh; and Peebles.

We have considered the comments made at the Local Inquiries along with all other consultation responses in producing our Revised Proposals for further consultation.

From the provisional proposals:

  • 22 constituencies are unchanged.
  • 18 constituencies have changes to boundaries but retain their names.
  • 3 constituencies have changes to their names but retain their boundaries.
  • 30 constituencies have both new names and new boundaries.

The review of constituencies will cover the 70 mainland constituencies. The constituencies of Na h-Eileanan an Iar, Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands are protected in legislation. The overall number of MSPs (129) is fixed in legislation and will not change as a result of this review.

The first stage of our review was the consultation on our provisional proposals for constituencies. We then held local inquiries in respect of that consultation in December 2023 and January 2024. For more information visit our website.

Later in 2024 we may publish and consult on further proposals for constituencies and we will consult on provisional proposals for regions. 

Why your views matter

Your views play a vital role in shaping constituency boundaries and provide important local knowledge to help us improve our proposals. 

What happens next

Later in 2024 we will consult on provisional proposals for regions.