Interim Review of Scottish Parliament Boundaries at Cardowan by Stepps

Closed 31 Oct 2019

Opened 1 Oct 2019


The Commission is conducting an Interim Review of the Scottish Parliament constituency boundary between Glasgow Provan constituency and Coatbridge and Chryston constituency, and the Scottish Parliament region boundary between Glasgow region and Central Scotland region, at Cardowan, Stepps following the completion of  an administrative area boundary review between Glasgow City and North Lanarkshire council areas at the same location in April 2018 (Report no A18001).


Why your views matter

The Commission's proposals will re-align the Scottish Parliament boundaries so that they are co-terminous with the recently amended council area and ward boundaries near Cardowan by Stepps.

We will consult with the public for a period of one month from 1 October 2019 until 31 October 2019 in line with the legislation that governs Scottish Parliament Constituency and Region boundary reviews.

Our Scottish Parliament Reviews are concerned with electoral matters only and do not affect house values, council tax, insurance premiums, postcodes or school catchment areas.




What happens next

The Consultation period has now closed. The Commission will consider all consultation responses and will develop Final Recommendations for submission to Scottish Ministers in 2020.